Can Ayurveda Help You?

eric1Do you find discipline difficult, and gravitate towards mind and ideas? Do you feel hot all the time and never wear a jacket? Do you gain weight easily and find it hard to lose? These qualities relate to the Three Doshas or Ayurvedic constitutions.

Vata is composed by the Air/Ether elements. It embodies movement. Vatas live in mind, and ideas. They are sensitive and artistic, and require a nice enviroment or can become depressed.  Their emotional imbalance relates to fear and anxiety. Though Vatas tend to have difficulties with discipline, embracing routine is transformational and healing for them. Vata illneses are colititis, nervous system, and body/mind disorders.

Pitta is composed by fire and water. It rules the body temperature and metabolism. Pittas have stamina and extra energy. They tend to feel hot. Their emotional imbalance manifests as anger. This is an important area for them to work with through self-inquiry. Pitta illnesses are hyper-tension, allergies, and ulcers. Spicy foods can aggravate their tendency to over heat. Pittas create their own environment according to their needs.

Kapha is composed of the Earth and Water elements and rules everything with structure, cells, bones, and mucus. Kaphas have bigger bones and are slower to learn. They gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose. They should avoid oily foods. Kapha illnesses are congestion, tumors, creation of excess tissue. Emotional imbalance manifests as greed, and rigidity. Kaphas are adaptable to any environment.

You can learn about your unique makeup by consulting with an expert, answering a questionnaire, or having your pulses read. Ayurveda sees food as medicine and medicine as food, and can help you change diet, routine, and lifestyle to restore health.

Although born 7000 years ago, Ayurveda, ancient Indian Medicine, is a great tool for the Twenty First Century, helping us find balance in our complex lives. It is a life style based on listening to nature and sees health as half based on diet, and half on mental attitude.

 In a workshop at Nosara Retreat, Eric Chacon, a vibrant, ageless Tico, the first to study Ayurveda in India, explained, “Life is the teacher. Learn the lessons provided. See suffering situations as growing experiences. Put into your mind a template of joy. Real healing comes from the energy level. Ayurveda teaches you to manage your own energy. Let’s join the silent revolution promoting health and happiness!”


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