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Jayne Meilo a New York NIA teacher of fifteen years spent a week in Nosara offering Nia classes to the community.  She taught a class at the Fucan for the village, one at Harmony Hotel, and five at the outdoor pavilion at Nosara Retreat.  A vibrant powerhouse with an infectious smile, Jayne enchanted the participants of her classes with her warmth, passion and creativity, making Nia accessible to people at all levels, which is part of Nia’s philosophy.

“The Most Joyful Way to Get Fit”

Nia is a unique fitness program that tones and trims the body through pleasure not pain. So kind to the joints it’s usually done barefoot.

Learn simple choreography inspired by the elements of nine different movement forms: Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern, Duncan Dance, Feldenkreis, Alexander and yoga.

A fun and safe way to work out that builds strength, flexibility and endurance. All this and great music too. Movements are accessible to any level of fitness.

When Debbie and Carlos Rosas began creating Nia in the early 1980s, they envisioned Nia would change the way the world went about getting fit and finding wellness in body, mind, spirit and emotions. Today, Nia has approximately 2,200 Licensed Teachers in more than 43 countries worldwide – a testament to the power and versatility of this unique practice.

As a business, Nia Technique, Inc. provides classes, workshops, training, education and support for professional and personal growth practitioners, as well as workout DVDS, CDs, the NiaWear clothing line and more. On a personal and professional level, it is the passion and intention to live and fulfill Nia’s promise: Through Movement We Find Health.

The response to Jayne’s classes was enthusiastic. Augustin, a local handyman brave enough to participate in the otherwise female class, said, “In 35 years, I’ve never moved like that. It felt very natural. I didn’t know my hips, shoulders, and ribs could move as they did. I enjoyed it and can see how it could make you healthy. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed.”

A yoga teacher said, “I’ve been doing Nia for years and love it. Nosara’s a great place for Nia. We have surfing and yoga, the combination with Nia movement is perfect to release stiffness and prevent injuries.”

Jayne loved Nosara and won the hearts of all she met. She donated the proceeds from her classes to “The United Costal Communities Facing Extinction.” In a short time, Jayne forged lasting bonds and friendships here in Nosara. She was moved by the warm welcome she received and impacted by the “pura vida” spirit, and the rich natural surroundings.

She hopes to return soon bringing a group of students from New York and to draw other NIA teachers and perhaps even a Nia training, whereby local students might also learn to teach NIA. Through Jayne’s visit, Nosara Nia was born. May it flourish and bring health and enjoyment of many!

Check out NIA photos and videos on our website:

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