A Sparkly Young Couple With Five Kids!

I was surprised when a lovely young couple who spent a night at Nosara B&B  recently mentioned they had five kids. There was something sparkly about them, effervescent and joyful.  It was easy to talk with them. Drew and Sarah live in Loveridge , Colorodo. They went to the wedding of Drew’s best friend near Flamingo, and stopped by on their way back to San Jose.  It’s been a great get away for them. They’ll be closing on a house soon after they return home.

They both work in the same hospital, Drew as an oncology pharmacist, and Sarah as a Cardiac nurse. She’d like to get back into a more promotional, administrative branch of nursing to which she seems well suited.  They were extremely open about chatting and sharing.

“How do you have five children?” I asked, emboldened by their openness.

“We each had two kids from previous marriages and now we have one together. Our youngest child is eleven months old. We met through our children who attended a charter school. We’ve been together two and a half years.

“Costa Rica is amazing! The people are so friendly and helpful and the scenery is wonderful. I hate to leave! Hopefully, we can come back in a few years with the kids.            “


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