Juilia Maria Arrieta Eduarte is in the fifth class, her final year at the Collegio of Nosara. She’s an inspired young woman whose dream is to become a fashion designer.  She’d love to study abroad if she could only find a way because she’d get better training.  Julia won this years contest for the Corn Queen at the Collegio of Nosarae  With her friend, Pamela de Los Angeles Brenes Elizondo  Julia created an imaginative costume for the King,  Queen and child of Corn, a tradition of the Choretega Indians who were native to our Guanacaste region. The two girls worked for days to create the pieces.

Using yellow and maroon corn the girls glued the kernels onto an off white garment and hand painted motifs of native scenes The costumes are striking.  Julia posed with her cousin, Juan Luiz Avvieta Acosta, The Corn King, and  two year old nephew, Marvin, in dramatic and beautiful photos.  The contest took place on June 25, at the collegio where the girls received a prize of ten thousand colones.

Winning the prize emboldened Julia to manifest more of her dream. “I love the old culture of Nosara and this region. My grandparents on my father’s side are of Choretega origin. They used to tell us girls (Julia has four sisters) stories of the history, and legends passed on to them by word of mouth from their parents.

Katherin, Julia’s sister agreed, ”There used to be more interest in the old culture here. The foods were served in restaurants. It was beautiful. Now it’s all dying.” The two of them expressed a passion to bring back this dying tradition.

For THE WEEK OF CULTURE  TIPICA,  to be celebrated in the collegio in Nosara, Julia has written her own imaginative version of the legend of Nosara piecing together various versions of stories she heard from her grand parents and father, Julia was fascinated by these stories which she says, “were passed down from generation to generation as bedtime stories to the children so they were repeated again and again. My grandparents were very old so their memories weren’t that good. Each one told the story a bit differently, so I put them all together in my own way.”

She wants to direct and narrate a dramatic performance with her section of the class for July 22. Some in her section have already expressed interest in participating, but she needs to find out who is really committed, as a lot of work is involved. People need to create and paint scenery, make costumes, perform and  create music. Her mother, Olgita, the daughter of the late Olga who started Olga’s restaurant in Playa Pelada, will need to put the students up at their place during the creation process.

“A lot of the kids have problems in their families. The teachers tell them they’re bad and won’t amount to anything. I want to demonstrate that we really can do something wonderful together. It’s important for me. I’m inspired to create this together and to perform wherever people are interested.  ” She has already agreed to perform at Kid’s University, and Nosara Bed and Breakfast Retreat which will help sponsor the performance.

Julia needs some help to make this dream a reality and time is short! She made a list of necessary materials. If anyone can donate something to help cover the costs involved or contribute supplies (which will come to maximum $100) it would be greatly appreciated and their name or business will be acknowledged for their support.

Supplies requested:

Large Bottles of Tempra Paints:

2 Celeste

3 Verdes

3 Blanco

3 negro

1 Rojo

3 Amirillas

1 Café Obscura

2 Cafe Claros

1 Azul


4 Lamanas de Styrofom

Carton, il mas que possible

10 metros telamante blance


10 Negro

3 Cahas del Aluminium

Mucho Periodicos

1 Tubilla Canjamo (cuerde)

12  Silicon Fria

Caha de lapises

Escarche (pulvo) verde, blanco, azul, rojo


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