The Story of Nosara

Semillas del Mundo and some other institutions from Nosara celebrated “Guanacastequidad,”  the identity of the  province of Guanacaste. It is a program created to  bring back some of the old customs of this area.  Both Marlon, a student from Semillas del Mundo, and Julia, a student of Santa Teressa High School, shared different versions of the legend of Nosara that explain how our town, Nosara, got its name.

The only common theme in the two versions is the scream of the Cacique ( chief)  Nicoa, to Sara.

“No Sara, No Sara!”  he yelled, trying to protect the jade and gold of their people.

Julia put together various stories she’d heard from her grandparents. Marlon heard something quite different during his life in the village. In one version, Nicoa was captured by the Spanish defending  the treasures of his indigenous tribe. Nicoa was then tortured, and Sara risked her life to protect him when Nicoa screamed.

Which legend is real, we don’t know.  The only facts we do know are that Sara was indigenous, and Nicoa, her beloved, was a chief who yelled out, “No, Sara!” to prevent her from revealing the location of  the treasure that belonged to them.

Typical dances, food and “bombas,”  short Jokes which make sense in Spanish but are hard to translate into English, are some of the activites the students presented to remember our identity and ancestors and to keep them alive!  “Uip! Uip! Uip!  Long live Guanacaste!”

youtube=]The Story of Nosara


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