Sylvia Chavez and Gary Sheriff of Costa Rica Paradise Weddings spent a weekend at Nosara B&B Retreat. They are a wonderful couple, ageless, maybe in their late thirties, if I had to guess, with a magnetic spark that made me curious  to know more about them.

“We met in Spain 17 years ago,” Gary said. “I was her souvineer, and we’ve been together ever since!”

“We have a thirteen year old daughter,” Sylvia said, smiling. She radiates a graceful calm that immediately made me feel at ease.

They explained they were organizing a wedding at La Luna the following day and would be out the entire day. They were eager to see my property as a possible choice for the list of venues on their website’s location page.

“We’ve been doing weddings now for six years,” Sylvia said,” before that, we had a travel agency.”

“Weddings is our niche now. We arrange all the travel arrangements for the wedding guests,” Gary added. “We’re so busy now, I had to come back into the office to help Sylvia out.”

“What is it you like about your work?” I asked Sylvia.

“I like everything about it,” she said, glowing. “There are a lot of details. Everything needs to be just right. Brides require a great deal of attention. The work is challenging, very demanding. But when you see the joy on the faces of the bride and groom, the parents, the guests, it makes it all worth the effort. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, unforgettable. We are contributing to that.”

“What was your favorite wedding?” I asked.

“There’s an article in a wedding magazine about an Indian Wedding we organized at Manuel Antonio. That was really special. “We’ve done all kinds of weddings, Jewish, Feng Shui, we provide whatever themes our clients want.

“It’s very creative work,” I commented.

“It is,” Sylvia agreed. “That’s another aspect I enjoy. There’s always something different.”

“Is there a season for weddings here?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s similar to your high season,” Sylvia explained. “December through March are usually the popular times.”

“This year it was different,” Gary interjected. “Valentines Day has become quite a big holiday here now, so flights in February have gotten more expensive and hotels are booked. So this year, more people came after May to get married. “

“What about the rain?” I asked.

“We have to let people know it’s green season. There’s always a chance of rain. It goes along with the lush tropical theme of Costa Rica as a popular destination wedding spot.”

“Destination weddings are popular these days,” Gary explained. “For one things, they’re more affordable than what’s generally available in the States where prices are so high for formal events. The couple getting married can send out as many invitations as they want, but the average number that will actually attend are about thirty. So you haven’t offended anyone, but only the brave few will actually attend.”

“Generally, our couples plan and set the wedding date a year in advance, but send out invitations six months before to give guests time to plan their trip. The general stay around a wedding here is five to seven days. It gives everyone time to really connect with each other and enjoy a vacation at the same time. “

“Giving all that lead time is for the peace of mind of the couple. We’ve actually pulled off a wedding with just a week’s notice! It was a beautiful event we put together very fast, but generally couples want to really take their time and think things through and give their guests plenty of lead time.”

“Guests are responsible for their own airfare and lodgings. So financially, it’s more affordable than a state side wedding, and you can be really creative and imaginative in creating exactly the atmosphere you want.” Gary finished

“ That’s where we come in, “ Sylvia added.

“Who are your clients?” I asked.

“Mostly North Americans. Sometimes it’s a Tico or Tica they’re marrying, but usually the clients are North Americans.

I didn’t see Sylvia and Gary again till Sunday breakfast.

“You were out late,” I commented when I brought coffee to the table.

“Yes, we were cleaning up till about about 11:00 pm. That’s normal. But it went well. Everyone was very happy,” Sylvia added.

Obviously, that included Sylvia and Gary who beamed to overflowing with a radiant energy of contentment as they talked quietly among themselves. Their conversation was punctuated by gentle bouts of laughter as they enjoyed breakfast.

They are a perfect couple to be initiating other couples into the rite of marriage. There is nothing jaded or glitzy about them. The magic of their union is still alive and well. Through hard work, it is their gift and calling to share with others this once in a lifetime event of marriage.


We would like to invite you to check the following link to the Magazine destination I Do !

One of the most beautiful Hindu Wedding we have done has been published .

Ruchi & Adesh got married at Manuel Antonio, at Los Altos a 3 days affair , full of music, color, and love !!

Great experience for all of us involved in the process of creating the magic , without a doubt !



  1. Anyone who has visited Costa Rica could clearly see why its such an amazing location for a destination wedding. Plus its all the exotic and jungle landscape with pretty organized and well managed companies setting up all the details. Win win!

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