Francisco Gabriel Palomo Barrantes and the Tonalamat

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 4.14.26 PMFran, Francisco Gabriel Palomoo Barrantes, an engaging and sincere individual has been at Nosara Retreat offering readings from the Tonalamatl, an ancient Codex of the Mesoamerican, Toltec tradition. He is available to return when there is more interest in his readings and eventually wants to teach others here to do readings from this profound source by offering an extended intensive course.
Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica in a working class family, Fran’s ethnic mix includes Mexican, Polish, possibly Jewish, Panamanian and Bribri (an indigenous tribe from the Atlantic side of Costa Rica). Fran has a passion for uncovering aspects of Costa Rican history that appear in unusual ways on his journey, for instance he has uncovered various pieces of ancient pottery with designs that indicate the tribes that lived in unexpected areas of the country.

As a child, Fran was quiet and introspective. From an early age he became fascinated by metaphysics and devoured whatever literature he could find from various traditions. In the year 2000, he experienced his first Temazcal or sweat lodge conducted by Mario Mikestly, an indigenous Mexican shaman. This Temascal took place on a farm outside San Jose where Fran now lives, works and is guided by visions of future stages of his unfolding life and plans. The experience of the sweat lodge made a strong impression on Fran.  Guided by the spirits, Mario advised him to travel.

Following this prompting, Fran journeyed the following year to Guatemala.There he got a job with the government teaching music and theater to kids. This work led him to a spiritual hospital, Chinique in El Quiche where he met a Mayan priest Don Antonio who introduced Fran to the practice and study of the Mayan Calendar. There he experienced doing readings for people and began to understand the manifestation of the different cosmic energies as they were embodied by the signs and positions of the calendar as well as his own gift in this type of study.

In 2006 and 2007 Fran traveled to Mexico and met Tonalmitl, a Grandmother of the native tradition who had a school in her house for studying Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mesoamerica which includes parts of Mexico and Costa Rica. She brought Fran a copy of the Tonalamatl, an ancient Toltec “Misteca” or Mesoamerican astrological system and had him copy it by hand. After studying with her for six months, Fran returned to Costa Rica and continued his study of the ancient symbols and energies of each day.  Fran continued to return every year to continue his study with Tonalmitl.

In 2012 Tonalmitl gave Fran his spiritual name, “Itztlotzin” which means “Obsidian Falcon” and encouraged him to give readings to others. Since that time, Fran has been offering readings. He shares information from the Tonalamat as his medicine and his service. People come to him for different reasons. For example, when a child is born, using the ancient wisdom of the Tonalamatl, Fran is able to give heartfelt information to help guide the parents with the child’s tendencies, gifts and challenges. This illumination offers the parents a spiritual path and perspective of the unique individual in order to guide and encourage their particular gifts, abilities and mission in life.  Couples may come to see more deeply into issues or patterns they are facing.  Fran attempts to tune in to what each person needs.  Fran ensures that money is not a barrier to his serving those drawn to the reading. He may find creative exchanges for those who are not able to pay or simply offer the reading as a gift when that feels appropriate.
“The readings are medicine as much for me as for those who come,” Fran shares with his characteristic warmth and sincerity. “I identify with the word temachtiani”, he explains. “One who learns by sharing”. “I walk with the blessings of the grandmother.  That gives me the trust and confidence to offer the gift of the Tonalamatl”.

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