We are excited to welcome Esteban Acosta Pereira (facebook: Biodinamica Esteban Acosta Costa Rica) to teach a two-day workshop, Organic Biodynamic farming and gardeningDeveloping Skills for your Garden or Farm, an introductory course based on the principles of biodynamic farming.  The workshop will be held here at Nosara Retreat, Playa Pelada Sunday June 15, 2014 8am to 4pm and Monday June 16th 8am to 5pm.

Biodynamics - Esteban

Esteban is a native Costa Rican. He has been learning Biodynamics since 2007 when he began his training in Argentina and Brazil. He graduated from EARTH University in 2008. (

Passionate about learning, teaching and practicing Biodynamics, Esteban’s teaching style is profound, humorous and practical. While fluent in presenting the deep spiritual concepts of Biodynamics, Esteban shares the material in a way that makes it easily accessible. The learning is down to earth, experiential and hands on. In this way it becomes part of one’s daily life, encouraging the conscious connection with the earth and the elements of nature.

Esteban has regularly attended and presented at the yearly Central American Biodynamics Conference, and was instrumental in organizing the first one in Costa Rica in 2012. He travels to Switzerland every year to participate in the International Biodynamic Conference at Goetheanum. ( )

A Biodynamic advisor who has worked on various projects around Central America, Esteban also works with Demeter certified farms. ( )

Biodynamic farming, is a profound organic agriculture system based on principles formulated by Rudolf Steiner, an innovative thinker who’s lifetime of accomplishments include the inception of Waldorf Education and Biodynamic Farming, the founding of a world-wide Society to further the practice of the spiritual science called Anthroposophy, and innovations in curative education, medicine, natural and social sciences, the arts, and economics.

Biodynamics ( ) (taken from the website)

“Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. Biodynamics was first developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of the Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), whose philosophy is called “anthroposophy.” Today, the Biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of successful gardens, farms, vineyards and agricultural operations of all kinds and sizes on all continents, in a wide variety of ecological and economic settings.

Biodynamic farmers strive to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself.   Preparations made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs are used to help restore and harmonize the vital life forces of the farm and to enhance the nutrition, quality and flavor of the food being raised. Biodynamic practitioners also recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health.

Most biodynamic initiatives seek to embody triple bottom line approaches (ecological, social and economic sustainability), taking inspiration from Steiner’s insights into social and economic life as well as agriculture. Community supported agriculture (CSA), for example, was pioneered by Biodynamic farmers, and many Biodynamic practitioners work in creative partnerships with other farms and with schools, medical and wellness facilities, restaurants, hotels, homes for social therapy and other organizations. Biodynamics is thus not just a holistic agricultural system but also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.”

Based in the development of a farms as an integrated self-sufficient organism, Biodynamics takes into consideration all natural living energies, as well as cosmic and terrestrial influences to build a healthy farm organism. It works with special homeopathic remedies to promote soil fertility and health. The goal is: healthy soil healthy plants, and healthy people.

Today, the Biodynamic movement, on its 90th anniversary, is an impressive organized force for organic farming. It exists in every climate and culture and has been established to work with almost every crop. Here in Costa Rica, every year more and more farms are converting to Biodynamics in order to improve their harvests by promoting healthy living ecosystems. Esteban has been co-creating a network of Biodynamic farmers around Costa Rica. We are excited about this first course he is offering here and look forward to being part of this growing movement and to continuing to learn with him on into the future.



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