A  Costa Rica Morning……

Nothing exceptionally magic about this morningCarolyn
except to me.

Clear sky and sun
illuminating the great, booming surf
with the coming high tide
at light-sanded Playa Pelada, glorious.

I am urged to gather up
shells and smooth stones.
Some smile and sing,
the ones for me to see and hear.

Each one unique in color and design;
Each one naturally beautiful;
Though aged and spent,
cast upon the shore.

Each one now
finding a new home in my pocket,
and in my heart, personal,
keepsakes, each one.

Reminders in days to come
of smiles and song, remnants on the beach,
as today’s sky, sun, and surf.

Ah! The magical transfer of
one unique and beautiful morning,
shaping me, smoothing me
as I age
in my shell

That mourning
before my final urge,
that great, booming
cast upon the shore, glorious.

Carolyn Trimmer

Carolyn entered our lives here at Nosara Retreat a few short weeks ago and has been a wonderful help to us in many ways.  Her insight and generous heart add a special sunshine to our day!  Thank you Carolyn, may you always find joy in your adventures!


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